Thursday, November 18, 2004

More Mexico stories...

I missed two important things that happened on our trip. First, let me start by saying that last year when Chris and I went kayaking, we were great at it, no problems... This year however was a different story. First, Chris had me get in first, then when he got in, we rolled over and were in the water. Then one of the guys who works there told Chris to get in first. I got in and we rolled it over again. Of course, my dad is standing on the beach laughing hysterically and drawing more attention to us, so by the fourth time we tried to get in there was a whole entourage of people laughing at us. The fourth time, we were able to start paddling and moving, but after about 30 feet, we rolled it again. That was enough for me. It was AWFUL!!!!

The second story has Chris and I sitting on the balcony eating lunch, watching the monkeys, and we saw Chris's parents walking towards us from the beach. Chris then tried to get out of his chair, but he was leaning back a little and somehow broke the chair and fell to the ground. With him, he took the tray our food was on and the food. It was HILARIOUS. I was actually in tears I was laughing so hard. That's my baby, Mr. C.... (of course the C is for Coordinated).