Monday, January 17, 2005

100 pointless facts about me

I saw this on another blog and decided it was necessary on mine. I did not realize how hard it would be to come up with 100 facts. But here they are.

100 Facts about me

1 I was born in Williamsport PA
2 At 8 PM on 1-6-1978
3 My parents had been trying to have me for almost 3 years.
4 I was due on 12-25-1977.
5 My father made my mom jump up and down and try to have me before the first of the year so he could claim me as a dependant on his income tax return for the year. I was stubborn before I was born.
6 I lived at the same house my parents have lived in since they were married in 1969.
7 They had the same phone number the whole time and still do.
8 I attended kinder gym at the YMCA when I was 3. I met one of my best friends there. We are still best friends. (Yes Mindy, I am talking about you). Several years later the teacher was thrown in the clank for shoplifting.
9 I was admitted to school a year early. I had to take a test and passed because I drew 5 fingers and toes on the people they had me draw.
10 My mom had to let me take the test because I cried all day when my brother left and I wanted to go too.
11 I failed 8th grade English and Math and had to take summer school. My mom did the packet that I had to do. All I did was take the test. I would have passed both classes if I had done my homework.
12 I was suspended for 3 days in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade for smoking.
13 I hated school. Except for Mr. Albright and Mrs. Smalley, it pretty much sucked.
14 A weird girl at school pulled a knife at me in 12th grade. She was suspended for months, but did not get expelled. She ended up graduating with me. We were at the same graduation party.
15 I won’t take full responsibility for the incident, but I will take some. I really was going to beat her up, but come on a knife.
16 I graduated as schedule in 1995. I was the youngest person in my
17 I worked at a factory for 2 days that summer. Then I realized factory work was not for me.
18 I moved to State College in 1995. I moved back to Jersey Shore in 1996. Then back to State College later that same year.
19 One of my best friends from high school died in 1996. He was only 19.
20 I married the wrong man in Las Vegas in 1997. We were divorced soon after.
21 From 1995 – 1999, I held at least 15 jobs.
22 I lived in Worcester MA for a year and a half.
23 I have been at my current job 5 years today. That is by far the longest I have ever held a job.
24 I got my first apartment by myself in March 2000.
25 I drank at the bars 7 nights a week for almost a year.
26 I had a barstool at the Pub that was all mine.
27 I spent about 25% of my yearly salary there, I guess I deserved a bar stool.
28 I met Jimmy and Jude at the bar. My friend had a crush on Jimmy, so we hung out with him. I hated him. They are now two of my closest friends.
29 Jimmy introduced me to my husband. He didn’t want us to date, because he didn’t want it to mess up “band stuff”. Chris quit the band just before we started dating. (this had nothing at all to do with me, I had previously just said he was cute, he didn’t even know it when he quit the band)
30 Chris and I started dating at the Brewery’s hayride in 2001. I touched his arm in the truck and he thought I was hitting on him, so he pursued me for the rest of the night. When we were leaving a friends house on that same night, he was pretty intoxicated tripped and fell flat on his face. I knew then he was perfect for me.
31 Chris and I had our first fight on Thanksgiving eve. He wanted to have a quiet night at home, I wanted to go see a band in Mahanoy City. We went to see the band.
32 We moved in together in July 2003.
33 I went to Los Angeles CA and was on the Price is Right. I was not called on stage, but my friend Kevin was. He made it to the showcase Showdown, but then lost.
34 We saw Marilyn Manson outside the studio when we were leaving.
35 I love Roller Coasters. I would have to say Superman at Six Flags is my favorite.
36 I have three nieces and a nephew.
37 I have one brother. He is 8 years older than me.
38 Chris took me to Las Vegas in September 2002.
39 I hit a jackpot while we were there. (Sadly it was on the nickel slots).
40 I am a gambleaholic.
41 I have an uncontrollable fear of things that fly. I am not afraid of an airplane or being on an airplane, but get a ladybug next to me and look out. I don’t even like birds.
42 I am also afraid of losing an eye from a rubber band or spitball. (Thanks to Clare my junior high school principle that made the announcement every day).
43 One of my favorite vacations was a long weekend trip to Cleveland, I agree that Cleveland rocks!
44 My favorite color is green.
45 We got Simon our Min Pin in March 2004.
46 The fireworks at Disney World made me cry like a baby when we were there last year for my birthday. It was “magical. “ I went to Disney world twice when I was a kid, and hated it.
47 I got married to Mr. Right on October 16, 2004. We had a hallo - wedding in the woods. All of our guests were in costume.
48 We honeymooned in Mexico with our parents.
49 The first concert I ever went to was Tom Petty and The Jayhawks at the Spectrum in Philly.
50 I work at America’s premiere dental insurance.
51 I have been to 26 states and 3 countries.
52 I drink Bloody Mary’s, Woodchuck, and Captain & Diet Coke.
53 I am ready to be a mom. I would like to have 4 kids. (3 girls and a boy)
54 I still like playing drinking games. (Drink Asshole)
55 I have a small circle of friends, always have. But they are friends I would trust with anything.
56 There were at least 3 people who did not show up to my wedding that really hurt my feelings.
57 I hate talking on the phone, and will not answer it until I check the caller ID. Ever.
58 I am happy with almost everything in my life right now. My job leaves something to be desired, but every thing else is pretty much perfect.
59 I cannot go to bed before two or three in the morning. No matter what time I got up.
60 I love slum bars. The fewer teeth there are, the more I enjoy it.
61 I still have a huge collection of Garbage Pail Kids.
62 I play the lottery at least 2x’s a month. The most I have ever won was $50 on a scratch off ticket.
63 I cannot watch scary movies. I have nightmares for months.
64 When lounging around the house, I find it necessary to be in my PJ's. I change into them as soon as I get home from work.
65. I have a bad obsession with the 80's.
66 I am a viciously mean card player. It is ALL about winning. Even when no money is involved.
67 Between the ages of 2 and 11 I spent at least 3 nights a week at my grams.
68 My paternal grandmother is a nut job. She told my father and uncle when her husband died that she didn’t want them around anymore because people would know how old she was. I saw her twice (she lives 35 minutes from me). The first time was at a wedding when I was like 8. She didn’t speak to my dad, me or my brother. The other was about 2 months ago at Walmart. It was unusually hard. I always wanted to see her so I could tell her what I thought of her, but when I saw her I just walked away.
69 I hate mornings.
70 I am hot when it's cold and cold when it's hot.
71 My fourth grade teacher Mrs. Snook was the root of all evil.
72 I have had 9 cars. A volvo, 2 renaults, 3 subarus, stratus, taurus, and now a park avenue..
73 I had my first kiss in 6th grade. He then moved away.
74 I saw him at a bar in 2000 and we started dating for awhile.
75 My biggest pet peeves are two faced people, liars., and not changing the roll of toilet paper.
76 I hate camping. My husband loves it, so we compromise and go for the day, but then come home to sleep.
77 I have a weird obsession with teeth. The first thing I notice about a person is their teeth. I brush at least 3 or 4 times a day and floss daily.
78 I check my e-mail at least 20 times a day.
79 My least favorite household chores are dusting and laundry.
80 I cannot cook. I didn't even make toast until after I graduated. My dad loves to cook, I would wake up and he would say what do you want for breakfast.
81 I can spend morey money than I make in a second.
82 I would be perfectly happy being barefoot and pregnant..
83 I have more pictures of myself on my desk at work than of anybody else.
84 Chris is a close second.
85 I love to shop but only for a short period of time.
86 I hate trying on clothes in a store. I would rather buy them and then take them all back.
87 I am addicted to Amazon. Everything should be that easy.
88 I have been to the Mayan Ruins.
89 I would have rather stayed at the hotel sipping Bahama Mamas.
90 I could not live without my watch.
91 I love music.
92 I hate Karaoke.
93 I need a really soft mattress.
94 I insist that my shampoo and conditioner be in the same bottle.
95 I beat my husband at every board game we play except chess. (which of course is why we never play chess).
96 I am scared to death of the basement
97 I hate the attic too.
98 People could pick me, my dad, and my nieces from a line up because we all look the same.
99 I cannot stand to have my little toes touched.
100 I love going to new places.

Wow, that wasn't so bad.


Deahsella Lynne said...

Yay! Isn't it hard? I didn't know you checked your email that much in one do I. I should email you more! ;-)

I always forget that you were previously married.

#24/25/26 (bars) - sounds familiar!

Brewery hayrides. You know, I always missed out on those. :(

The first concert I went to was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Shut up.

We SO have to play Asshole next time I see you. Or quarters. Or Drinking Jenga. ;-)

Barefoot and pregnant is definitly not for me, but we'd love to see little Chris's running around!

Good list!

Obsconder said...

I hate those e-mails that go around asking you questions about yourself and al lthat crap.

However, this was really well done, and a good read!


Sounds like you've had quite an interesting time of things!

Almostgrace said...

This was a very nice list Shell. I laughed out loud about your dad making your mom hop up and down. I keep telling Adam that he has to impregnate me for next years taxes. He keeps wimping out though. Jerk!

ShellBug526 said...

Glad you enjoyed. We are working on the whole impregnation thing. Not have any luck though. I also hate the e-mail questionairres, but I liked doing this because I could put the stuff I wanted to and not have to think of answers for questions that don't really relate to me...

All day today though I was thinking of things I could have put on here. I too think I could come up with 100 more things. But I won't!!

Deahsella Lynne said...

For you, as if he knows anything about it!:

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Praealtus said...

Item #99 is truly one of the most bizarre things I have heard anyone say about themselves.

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