Friday, January 14, 2005

Vote for Pedro

We watched Napolean Dynamite last night and I have to say I loved it! I think you have to be kind of a geek to love him so much. Chris and I had our fingers crossed for him and Deb the whole time. The skit at the end was the clutch though even if you didn't enjoy the rest of the movie, that part makes it all worth while! When you first see him thinking about it, you are like "oh no, don't do it", then he gets out there in his way cool boots and you felel so proud of him. Then there was Pedro, what can you say? Classic!

We also watched Anchorman on Wednesday. Had I wrote a blog about it on Wednesday, I would have ranted about it also, Brick was fantastic. I killed a guy with a trident! Hilarious.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love steve carrel. THere is also a second disc, "Wake up ron burgundy". THey had so many deleted and alternate scenes, that they just cut them into a whole second movie. It is nowhere near as good as anchorman, as hey, this is all the stuff that didn't make it into the movie, but there are a few really great scenes.

News Team! Assemble!!


Anonymous said...

Napoleon Dynamite is awesome I can't ever stop watching it. Go Pedro. (a guy from Canada)

Deahsella Lynne said...

We just watched ND last night. Freaking hilarious. And there were a couple really good songs in that movie that I must get a hold of.

I only wish I could dance like that. ;)