Monday, February 21, 2005


When I daydream, it is usually about being on the beach sipping a yummy coktail, or winning the lottery. Tonight, Chris informed me that when he day dreams it is about being a ninja, being a rock star (i guess this one is failry normal), or being part of Battlestar Galactica (he did want to note that this one is good, except of course about the world ending). Is this normal? After this discussion, I have come to the conclusion that boys are weird.


Funky Fresh Freddie said...

I have a ninja suit. Sometimes, usually on weekends, I get really stoned and throw it on. Around the time the sun starts to go down the kids in the neighborhood start playing hide-and-seek and thats when I make my move. I run into bushes, nearly invisible. I make noises that pulls their attention over my way and when they look to see what it is, nobody's there. Sometimes I throw sticks or rocks at fences or into the street. My only goal is to scare them into running home. I am a ninja.