Monday, May 30, 2005

OK, I did this for Heidi whose blog I enjoy reading. You should check it out. This is what you do... Do a Google Image search for these things: The place you grew up, The place you live now, your name, your grandmothers name, favorite food, favorite drink, favortite song, favorite smell, and favorite shoes.

I I grew up in Jersey Shore, PA

I now live in Williamsport, PA. port

MP My name is Michelle

My Grandmothers name is Dorothy Gram

My Favorite food is Lasagna.

My favorite drink is the Captain.

This is the space for my favorite song, that was a tough one, so I decided to go with "In my Life, since it is me and my wonderful husbands song. Rubber soul

My favorite smell is Cinnamon. cinshoesFavorite shoe?? Yeah right, it depends on the day of the week. I love them ALL!! :)


Heidi said...

hey, michelle! I like your results! LOL about the shoes! I had a hard time with that one too, but I had to go with the ones I wear all the time... :)

I'll think of you on Sat. as we are driving through PA on our way to Indiana. :)

RagDoll said...

I accepted your challenge on the blog battles! You and I have similar interests. I love me some Capn Morgan!

Anonymous said...

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