Sunday, June 26, 2005

My friend at work recommended that Chris and I watch American Psycho. He was sure we would like it. I guess he was right, but I am so confused with what really happened. I mean did he kill all those people? How was the apartment clean? I understand because they all look the same and were all continuously being called the wrong name, it is possible the lawyer had dinner with someone who looked like Paul Allen. Or perhaps Patrick killed the wrong person, or maybe it was all in his head and he drew what he wanted to do and didn't really kill any of them. I am so confused. Can anyone explain the movie to me? I can usually figure movies out this one however, left me baffled. On a side note, after watching Batman Begins, I was crushing on Christian Bale a bit, but after this movie, I am not so sure. OK, never mind he is still a cutie.

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Gry said...

Read the book! It doesn't really explain, but I don't think it's meant to be fully understood..

My idea of it was that you can get away with anything if you have money. The apartment was being sold when he got back there, so you could assume the tenants just didn't want anyone to be put off by what happened there (she did give Pat the eye though!).

carrie said...


Heidi said...

I haven't seen "American Psycho." I think Christian Bale is cute though. :)

How was "Batman Begins"?

Heidi said...

btw~you've been "tagged"! you'll hafta check out my blog for the details... ;)

ShellBug526 said...

I will do it Heidi, but it may take me a few days.

srah said...

Try Newsies. He's awfully young but awfully cute.

Redphi5h said...

The ambiguity might be taken to suggest that Patrick only believed that these crimes were comitted, thereby suggesting mental illness, or making a comment about the harmless nature of wishes becoming harmful when they are believed, by the wisher, to be real.


It could be read as a comment on the blandness of hyper-consumer culture i.e. yuppiedom, and the interchangeability of its participants; that is to say, they become faceless pawns in the game of capitalism.


Of course, there are other readings, but these two are the only ones I find meaningful.

Anonymous said...

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