Monday, August 29, 2005

We all decided to go out celebrating last night. My BFF got a job with me. I am as excited as she is. It will be so much fun to have somebody on the late shift with me again that doesn't suck! For some reason, every time that I go out and drink enough to get a buzz, I feel extremely guilty when I get home. It is dumb. Last night, I was with my husband, my PARENTS, and my best friends. It is not like we were out causing havoc, we had dinner and then drank. We had a designated (though moody) driver. However, when we got home I could not go to sleep, I just had this guilty miserable feeling. What is wrong with me? I have no kids, we could afford it, I didn't do anything to make anybody embarrassed, I mean everyone that I give a shit about was with me! I had a great time until I got home.

Anyhow, about the night. We went to the "Crippled Bear" and 3 of us ate and had at least 7 drinks between us for $12.67 (the onion rings were free because it took so long to get them). But even with free onion rings, HOLY shit is that cheap. They run specials all week. Saturdays is $2.25 for cheeseburger and fries and domestic drafts are $.65. I hate beer, but they have Razz on tap and it is considered domestic. Then we headed to the big town of Jersey Shore PA. Where we had MANY drinks that were a little more pricey (a whopping $1.50 - $2.50 for mixed drinks). My BFF who is always our designated driver decided since it was
her celebration, that she too would get hammered so her boyfriend stayed sober. She got drunk enough that she somehow blew into the straw rather than suck and caused it to explode. She also laughed and her drink came out her nose. Then, on the way home we had to stop so she could spew. What I really wanted to post about though was the fact that Jersey Shore never changes. The same people that were in the bar 6 years ago when I turned 21 are still there. It is like they never moved, they just aged on their bar stools. It is really sad. The same people I used to think were annoying are still annoying. One thing that has changed is the number of teeth in the bar. So many people my age and younger have black and/or missing teeth. I know it is a small town and they don't have all the luxuries of a big town, but for gods sakes, they have toothpaste, floss, and dentists.


Heidi said...

that's great news about your best friend working with you! Woo HOO!

sounds like you got a good deal on dinner and drinks for the evening! good for you!

fish said...

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