Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bowl - a - Rama and preschool in one week...

Yesterday at work, we went bowling for the managers birthday. I hate the manager. All I cared about was that she didn't win. She didn't. YAY! Sadly though I was not the one to beat her. I suck at bowling. I have not done it since I was like 15. My first game I bowled a 56. WooHoo! I came in 4th place out of 7. The next game, I thought I was doing really well and I did do much better, I had an 88, but I came in last place. I had two gutterballs the 10th frame. DAMMIT! I actually really liked bowling, I want to go again.

The day before, we had a team building excercise. All of the assistant supervisors had to go to Harrisburg. We went to a park. We then had to do ridiculous crap as a team. They had a crime scene and each little group had to do a skit like in CSI. DUMB. Then we had to decorate baseball caps with little gems and come up with a team name. DUMB. Then using 14 straws, 2 rubberbands, and 24 inches of masking tape, we had to drop an egg from 7 feet on to the cement ground without it breaking. Our egg broke. Everyone's eggs broke. DUMB. I felt like I was in pre school. The whole time we were doing this crap, they had an 80's CD blaring in the background. I am a fan of the 80's, no doubt, but after 5 hours with tunes such as Mickey, Don't Worry be Happy, and Jessie's Girl, I was ready to rip my hair out.


Mona said...

I remember in 5th grade getting an F because I didn't do the Egg Drop experiement. My friend Sam had help from her dad who was a science teacher using straws and rubberband.... it came out like a model of a molecule.

jane said...

gosh, that is 1 thing i don't miss about working...those stupid group things you've got to do. i'm with you, they suck!

you should keep up with the bowling, and just think, by your managers next birthday, maybe you will beat her! but at least she lost the other night. :)