Tuesday, September 27, 2005

May the force be with you?!?!?!

I complain and moan about my job all the time, but every once in awhile, something happens that makes me think well, could be worse. We had a call today and the members husbands name was DarthVader. That is right, his first name was DarthVader. He was born in January 1978 which is around the Star Wars time. So, did his parents bestow this name upon him or did he change it to be cool? I love it and at the same time worry about how his now 3 year daughter who right now in her life probably thinks it is pretty cool, but in ten years from now, trying to explain to her friends that her dad is DarthVader will be a little difficult!


PriestysThoughts said...

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jane said...

kinda reminds me of frank zappa & all the weird names he gave his kids. at least the dad has the weird name & not the little girl! she should count her blessings lol

Almostgrace said...

Why? Why would you do that to a child? There were plenty of good names in the movie. What was wrong with Luke and Han?

Mona said...

I dated a Star Wars geek and I think he would have been fine if he was named DarthVader. That was his screen name.

Kind of like naming your kid Pilot Inspektor like Jason Lee did.