Saturday, October 29, 2005

Check out my Renter! "I talk too much" is highly entertaining unless they review your site, then you may not like them so much!

One of the women that my husband works with is getting married. She was excitedly telling him a story about how her uncle works at the state prison and because of this, they can use the "prison rec hall" to have there wedding reception. The rec hall is on the prison grounds!!! Who would want to start their marriage off at a prison. They will have kids there!!! I understand needing to go cheap, but my god, I think I would take a firehall over a PRISON!

Next, I watched the Truman Show last night and I liked it. I watched it when it first came out and thought it was dumb. I liked the idea of it, because as a kid, I was afraid that that was my life, but the movie just didn't work. Last night, I changed my mind. I have decided that the movie is OK, and would watch it again.

I am off to the mall to by the last finishing touches on our Halloween costume. Now that we are getting the stuff ready, I am psyched about Halloween again and am having fun with it. I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow... :)


Mona said...

I'd bet if they opened up Alcatraz as a wedding destination, they would be ppl lined up to get married there.

But I think that's about as weird as getting married on a cemetary.

Dee said... gotta give the sister kudos for originality. I bet she'll be the talk of her little clique for years to come. (Although she may not be included in the chatter...if you know what I mean) LOL.

Thanks for this post. As soon as I figure it out...I definitely want to track back to it.