Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I have been neglecting my blog due to the holidays and our trip to South Carolina to visit Chris's family. We had a wonderful time, and I had every intention of sharing with everyone all that we saw. Including the "Hog Jowls" for sale which I had never heard of, the Casino where I actually did not lose, the dog biting me, and the Japanese people singing Happy Birthday to me in Japanese. However, since Chris drug me to the movies tonight, I have to talk about that. I will only mention that Simon bit Chris's uncle. I was really mad at Simon, but it honestly was not his fault. Chris was walking him on the leash and his uncle came over. The dog does not know him and started barking. The uncle kept coming forward and the dog was getting more and more freaked out. Then, the uncle grabbed the dogs leash and pulled him to him. By this time the dog is snarling and REALLY mad. The the uncle grabbed his collar and with his other hand reached to the dogs head to pet him. Simon drew blood and you could see upper and lower teeth marks and there was blood everywhere. I felt really bad about it, but geez, don't grab a snarling dog,or he will bite you.

NOW, on to the movie. WARNING King Kong SPOILERS
I went to this movie having very low expectations, this is not my kind of movie. I did not see any of the other King Kong movies and only knew the ape would not get back to his home because of an e-mail I read by accident. I definitely did not expect to love the big ape. I actually started crying when they first captured him and then again when he was all happy on the pond after getting his woman back and then, when the planes started shooting him I lost it!!! On the way home when we talked about it, I started sobbing again. The movie (other than the end) was surprisingly good. The bug and creatures were freaky and will cause me to have nightmares. I was squirming all over my seat and actually gasped out loud. I have also decided I have a bit of a crush on Adrien Brody. I hate Jack Black, cause everything that happened was all his fault. I never expected him to be a villain. I am a little confused on the character Jimmy. What was his point in the story? They made such a big deal of him, but nothing really ever happened with him. Anyhow, the movie is really good and I would recommend going to see it.