Friday, September 22, 2006

I am assuming it is because of the baby coming so soon, but I have been thinking about my childhood constantly. Remembering weird stuff like my pleather purple Michael Jackson purse in 1st grade, and the play where I was an ostrich in second grade and then at the end we sang "We are the World". Then there is the fact that I was REALLY bad. I mean if my parents would have stuck to the groundings, I would be ungrounded in about another 4 months. In elementary school, I was a thief. I would steal ANYTHING, dumb stuff that nobody would want anyway and I lied constantly. I got caught by my wicked mean teacher in fourth grade stealing people pencils and she called my parents. In fifth grade, me and several other kids caught a kid stealing money in the cafeteria and we started bribing him to share with us or we said we would tell. This went on for weeks. In the end he got caught, he and the people bribing him were suspended. Except me and the other girl, apparently because we were girls or something we were less guilty and only got detention. After that, I stopped stealing and would bribe people to do it for me. But then I started doing other bad stuff. I guess the point of this is to say I am getting really nervous about having a baby. I mean if she is half as bad as I was I will go insane and though I was really bad, I was not as bad as a lot of my friends, what if she is worse thsn me??? I cannot hardly put bars on her windows and home school her or then she would be crazy.... What to do What to do.


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