Thursday, October 05, 2006

Baby Stuff

Putting together baby furniture is HORRIBLE. Even the stuff that is supposed to be so very easy is miserable. Luckily, the only thing left is the bassinet, then we are done. Tonight we put together the "Pack and Play". This is supposed to be simple because it is made to take places with you. HA! It seemed very unstable when we were done so we decided to try it on the dog. He did not approve. I am hoping the memory of being in it will make him feel bad for the baby who is stuck in it, so maybe he will like her more.

It was hard to get a picture to show the true terror in him because he would not stop moving. However; the playpen withstood the dog, so at least for awhile, I am pretty confident it will hold the baby. In 20 years, when she sees the picture of the dog in her playpen next to the picture of her in it, it is sure to cause some kind of trauma....