Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lack of oomph

We went grocery shopping tonight. It was really really crowded. This man bumped into a woman and she FLIPPED out. She started shouting about what a fucking idiot he was. There were at least 30 people and kids within 20 feet of her. It was just bizarre. Not that it matters, but I am pretty sure the guy did not deliberately do it. He wasn't rude afterwards, I think he mumbled excuse me even. People are nuts.

I have no oomph to blog anymore. None at all. There has been so much happening, but it is just to much effort to talk about it all. For instance, a woman that Chris works with had her finger bitten off. Literally. I should really have a paragraph or two about it, but again, no oomph.

I received word that Gumby who is no longer allowed to pass out gum at work is also no longer allowed to feed his beloved birds at work either. Apparently there are just too many of them and there was some kind of incidence with a hawk. God I miss that lovable nut case!

We tried to watch Pirates tonight and neither one of us could get into it. We turned it off half way through (I would have stopped watching 20 minutes into it if it were not for Johnny). I really liked the first one, so was very disappointed. I also did not get the musical Scrubs. I love the show, but thought the musical was just not so great. I did love the Office though. The Officer and a Gentleman song at Staples was just perfect.

Sophie is growing too quickly. She is now too big for her 0-3 month clothes and has moved on to 3-6. I am afraid it will not take her long to grow out of them too. She is actually about 2 pounds from growing out of her bassinet. It is probably time to put her in her room in her crib, but I just cannot do it. Tomorrow we are moving a dresser out of our room and moving her big crib into our room. Pathetic, I know but I am just not ready for her to be in a different room! She is almost rolling over, she get almost upright on her side and then just gets stuck. I am guessing within another few days, she will get the whole way over. She LOVES bath time. She has even started crying when I take her out of the tub. She is sleeping a solid 7-8 hour per night now. THANK GOODNESS!