Monday, February 19, 2007

New Milestone

Today Sophie had cereal for the first time. We are hoping it willmake her full and she will go to sleep a little earlier. It is 12:19 AM and she is asleep, so it is working so far. She also rolled over on Valentines Day. My little baby is growing up!!

So we took Sophie to church for the first time today. I feel a little guilty, cause I don't know if I believe it, so should we take her there? I think we are going to have her baptized also. Again, I don't know if I believe in all that, but it cannot hurt to have all her bases covered right? I mean when I was a kid I went to church and went to Bible School and church camp, and I actually liked it, so I feel like I should let her have that opportunity. I hope that she will not be brain washed like so many of the church goers I know, but I hope she will pay attention and form her own opinion and also learn about other religions. I know this is a lot of thinking and blabbing about stuff that I don't think will matter for her at least for quite a few years, but it made me feel bad being there listening to the preacher thinking the whole time yeah right.

OK, moving on I am still addicted to WOW (so much so that I refer to it as WOW). I am only level 15, having Sophie seriously takes away from my game playing time and I also made myself a different character to play when I get pissed and cannot do something with my "main" character "Sophilia". Right now I am having an awful time with Sophilia, I am stuck in the deadmines. I have literally died at least 30 times.