Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Times

So we went out over the weekend for Min's 30th birthday. It was fun until the end. We were at Hott Carl's and it was after last call and before we left, I ran in to go to the bathroom. When I exited my stall, to my surprise the door to the other stall was open and there sat bartender Jimmy taking a dump. Yes, I was in the ladies room. WHY would he do this??? I am scarred for life and then some. He was embarrassed too and tried (while still pooping mind you) to explain why he had to go. Good Times!

Today we went to check out one of the day cares. It was ok I guess, but I don't think any will ever be good enough for my Sophie. She will be in there from 2:30 - 5:30 4 days per week and most of them are like $200 a week!!! That is insane! We are going to see two more on Thursday.

Sophie also learned a new trick today. She was able to get out of her walker. She leaned over so her hands were towards the floor and then just inched her way out. This is not good. I depend on her excersaucer for the mornings. She will go in it while I walk the dog and get a drink and her cereal ready, now I have to find a new way to confine her.