Saturday, September 29, 2007

Look Out!

So today, my mom and I were at the store and I was walking around the van and a cop car was pulling through a double parking space and then onto the road, and he just stepped on the gas and plowed into a car that was driving on the road. The cop got out of the car and just put his hands on his head and stood there for a minute. Then I heard him on his cell phone say "I have some bad news sarge." At first I thought it was funny since the Lower Paxton police gave me such a hard time, but then I kind of felt bad for him. The front of his car just kind of fell off and the other car was really damaged and driven by a little 80 year old woman.

Tonight at work I had my "graduation" from training. I had to wear a beanie and then parade around the place. Fun Stuff!!! It seems like it will be a good place to work, they have some neat incentives.

I was really excited when Sophie first started pulling herself up, but now it just scares me. She falls constantly! Today I took a shower while she was in her crib napping and when I got out of the shower she had woken up and was standing up and leaning over the side! I am sure it is only a matter of weeks before she flips right out of it!!!