Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful much?

My sister in law had everyone at dinner say what they were thankful for, sadly, I missed it because I work at the only bank in the world that is open on Thanksgiving. The best answer I heard from her dinner table was "Music and Pills." Years ago I think that would have been about the same as "Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll".

It made me think of things I am thankful for. I am of course thankful for the obvious things, my beautiful daughter with a giant purple egg on her head, my wonderful husband that words cannot even begin to describe, my crazy little dog who everyone keeps saying will "grow out" of this crazy phase, great parents who I don't think we could survive without, perfect nieces who always keep me laughing , a nephew who is now deemed superman for making it through his work accident, a brother who no longer throws me down the stairs or tells me I was found abandoned by the weird people down the street, an uncle who treats me, Chris, and Soph like we are his kids, a sister in law who makes me think about all this kind fo crap and will always be hitting age milestones before me, my best friend who thankfully didn't die on her chicken nugget, in-laws who are always there for us, but never intrude or try to run things, and a great friend who will still watch my satanic little dog for two weeks straight.

Then there are the little things that also make me thankful, my terribly comfortable bed, a warm house, The Office, Scrubs, Diet Mountain Dew, furry socks to keep my feet warm even though the house is 90 degrees, books that make me want to turn the computer off, the new Robert Plant CD, the old Amos Lee CD, 80's radio stations, vacation coming, Sophie finally getting over Barney, Ramen noodles in a cup, Captain and diet, peanut butter on ice cream, a car that runs, my perfect jeans that are so worn they are ripping, I honestly could go on and on, but will stop because I am tired.

So anyhow, happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I promise not to get all "thankful" again until next Thanksgiving!!