Sunday, March 02, 2008

Family Outing

Today Chris and I took Soph to see Disney Princess on Ice. She liked it for awhile then got bored with it, then liked it again for awhile. There must have been 500 little girls dressed up as a princess, it was really cute. I cannot wait until she is a little older and take her in her princess dress.

I got annoyed at my job on Thursday. The manager likes all "fun" emails to be sent in a certain way. They have to be all short and chunky and all different colors. I on the other hand prefer justified and matching colors, I mean really, who wants an email with 14 paragraphs and each one a different color. Hers look dumb, mine do not. Since it was an email to my section, I did it my way. Twenty minutes later a supervisor had to "coach" me on my email. Are ya kidding me?? If there was a reason other than the manager likes them this way it would have been one thing, but it is an email from me to MY section! I kind of felt like I was ten.