Tuesday, August 04, 2009


We went to NYC last weekend with Mindy and Anthony. Soph stayed at home with my mom and Jess. She was happy about it, I was nervous. It just seems wrong to go places without her. We had a good time though. We decided to go to Coney Island since none of us had ever been there. When I was looking stuff up about it, I saw they had a bunch of Freak Shows there. Though we did not see an actual freak show, I think we saw out fair share of freaks. My favorite was a five foot tall man wearing his boxer briefs while walking up and down the boardwalk. To be fair, for a man who was at least 60 years old, he was very buff and tan, but that is no excuse. His boxer briefs were tan, like him, so from a distance, he seemed to be naked. People were stopping to stare just as he obviously wanted. I also saw a man fishing and I am pretty sure it was for my benefit, he put his leg up on the railing, and I was lucky enough to see his beans. I got a purse of course and three pairs of sunglasses, though one pair is in the back of a cab. Dammit.

Chris had a slight incident in Min's hotel room. After spinning on the computer chair for 15 minutes, he tried to bet us that he could then walk to the bathroom. He did, and then named himself Ninja Chris Van Damme. Of course within two minutes, he flipped the chair over and his beer went every where and he could not get up. Anthony had a slight incident with a chick on the subway who genuinely wanted to kick his ass, and Mindy had a slight altercation with a street vendor in Times Square. When Mindy ignored her trying to sell something, she called poor Min an effing bitch.

That's it, I guess. I will post something else in a month or so. I really do want to start doing this again, but I just don't.