Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Fun

Soph's party went pretty well. There were a few instances. Like the cake. I ordered a cake 2 weeks ago. Nothing special, but personalized and matching the general theme Soph picked. Today, I made the mistake of sending Chris to procure it. Even though I mentioned to him MANY times that I ordered a cake, when I made him his "to do list", I didn't specifically say pick up ORDERED cake, I just said pick up cake. He brought a Halloween cake with nothing on it. It was still good, but no butter cream icing or filling. Could have been worse I guess. The other issue was that several guests did not come because everybody has the damn swine err H1N1 flu.

It is just hard to believe my little princess it 3 years old!!!

When we were leaving the party, my newly fixed car with a new fuel pump would not move. I put it into reverse and it kept stalling out. Now, I have to take the stupid thing back and have it looked at again. GRRR.

Looking forward to Trick or Treating next weekend!