Monday, May 02, 2011

Must say

Holy Shit Osama Bin Laden has FINALLY been killed.

I have already heard Geraldo have a slip of the tongue and say "Obama err I mean Osama is dead". How is Geraldo Rivera a serious newscaster?? He was the early model of Jerry Springer for heavens sake! Why is he even allowed to speak on matters that don't involve sleeping with your brothercousins ex girlfriends dog?? I have seen people who say "well, if it is really true" and "Osama dead, so the president says". He gave you a birth certificate, let's not force him to show a dead Osama Bin Ladens body with a gun shot wound to the head. I have read people saying Obama knew all along where he was, but wanted to wait until closer to reelection time to take action. If that was the case, why not wait until like September 2012, why waste it a year and 1/2 before election day, I mean we have already been waiting almost 10 years, what's another year and a half?? I have read people saying don't be happy, it is not over. Well of course it is not over, but why not rejoice the death of a truly evil man who is finally being judged by Allah or being sent to see Iblīs.

Yes, I had a glass (or three) of wine, but seriously, let's just be happy. Judge the president and every one else some other day.