Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another week...

It has been a long week.  Chris's aunt Norma passed away last Thursday.  We went to the services in New Jersey Sunday and Monday.  She was the oldest sibling of 8.  She will be missed by all who knew her.  

We also got our letter in the mail about Sophie's teacher.  She has Mrs. Kuriga.  I know nothing about her.  I have heard she is very stern, but very good.  I cannot believe my baby girl is starting Kindergarten in two weeks.  She was hoping to be in her best friends class, but is not.  We have not told her yet, I am not sure how she will react.  She is in a very moody phase.  She falls apart at the drop of a hat.  She gets very angry, stomps her feet and hates whatever made her mad.  It can be a person or an inanimate object that she ran into.  She is definitely ready for school, I am hoping that her attitude will get a little better.

Jackie is still seeing a speech therapist every week.  I can't really see where it is helping, but it is also not hurting.  I still think his speech issues are because of his ear infections.  He understands everything we tell him, he is just a little behind in saying things.  He is growing so fast.  We got him shoes that light up and he loves them, but now pays more attention to his feet than where he is going. Not a good thing for an already very clumsy boy!

I am starting to get nervous about my new job.  A little over a month and I start.  I am worried about putting Jack in day care, but I think it will be good for him.  We are also still not sure how to get Soph to school.  I have to be at work before she is allowed to arrive at school.  Not sure how parents do this every day!!

Looking forward to a fun filled weekend!  Chris is playing on the Hiawatha on Saturday.  Jordan is babysitting.  We are leaving for the beach the next morning.  Just a two night trip, but the kids are very excited.  We hope to stop for a day at Storybook land on the way home.  Soph will love it!