Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sunday Show Recap

We watched True Blood first, so I will start there.  I enjoyed the episode.  I was saddened by Hoyt leaving.  Not that I will miss him that much, but his mom is always good for some comic relief.  I was glad to see Sam and Luna get into the compound, as well as Jess.  This way Eric will have some help.  Also, glad to see that Russell is done being friendly with people who don't worship him.  He is just better at being a dick.  I am hoping Sookie's storyline and newly known fate will be next season and they will just let it go.  I was very disappointed that they killed Deb er I mean Molly.  Yes, she will always be Napoleon's lady to me.  I liked her in this and was hoping she would stick around for awhile.  Tara and Pam are still making me smile, I cannot believe I like Tara.  Never saw that coming.  2 episodes left, I am sure they are about to get completely ridiculous so they can finish up this storyline.

The Newsroom.  I say it every week, and I am saying it again, I love this freaking show!  Jeff Daniels is a pretty fantastic actor.  I actually forget that he is Flap Horton and Harry Dunne.  He is very versatile and definitely an underrated actor.  I like "Late for Dinner".  I hope he is in the show more.  I am looking forward to the blowout that is soon going to happen between Leona/Reese and the rest of the cast.  I really liked that Charlie gave Leona a warning.  I hope that the Will, Mack, and Brynn triangle will be the new love story we follow.  I am getting a little bored with the Don, Maggie, and Jim triangle.  I like all three of them, but I wish they would just figure it out and move on.

Weeds.  I love this season.  Nancy breaking the doctors window and banging him in the car was fantastic.  The happy smile she gave her coworker made me crack up.  Andy as a teacher!  Perfect.  Shane's new girlfriends crazy mom was funny too.  I can't help but think in the end Nancy is going to die, so it is good that Shane found a girl.  The last couple of seasons, I figured would be the end, and I was ok with it, but this season, I really like it and am sad it is cancelled!

Breaking Bad.  Walt just keeps getting more crazy and Jesse keeps getting more 'wise".  It is still scary every time Jesse is the calm one who comes up with a real plan.  The episode had me so tense!  When Walt was bugging Hanks office I was on the edge of my seat!  The end sucked.  I knew it was coming, but it still sucked.  I hope Jesse does not start doing drugs again because of this.  I like seeing him in control.

All in all, another good week!