Thursday, October 07, 2004

I am having all sorts of problems with "hello". 8 days and I will be married! I am still searching desperately for pumpkins for our Hallowedding. Flooding has made my dream of 100 carved pumpkins next to impossible. Almost every farm around us has rotten pumpkins... You can see above where the pumpkins should be. The hubby to be has still not got his birth certificate. I sent for it in early August!!! We leave for Mexico on Monday, October 18! On Monday we faxed them the info and paid an additional $30, he called today and they said it would take 7-10 business days from today.... I am going to hate going to Mexico without him!!! He thinks he will be able to drive to Jersey on Wednesday and pick it up... GOD I HOPE!

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Deahsella Lynne said...

Don't worry, I think there are a ton of pumpkins available down our way...looks like you need to come here! I'll take a look around for you if you want...
also, I hope he told you that we're planning on having a pumpkin carving party the night before @ the Koz's house...and I'll do some on the nights leading up to it to if you want! YOU'LL HAVE YOUR SQUASH WEDDING YET!