Saturday, October 09, 2004

Two more days of work!!!

I am so stoked about having 2 and 1/2 weeks off of work. I am so burnt out from having to save all of my vacation days for this. Tomorrow we have to drive to State College to drop the wedding topper off and the first load of decorations off. We also have a couple of leads on where to score some pumpkins there... We got a bushel of gourds today and like 20lbs of chocolate.

I got this ridiculous irate call at work. A woman felt that to provide good customer service I should call somebody from an affiliate company of ours at home at 7:30 PM to assist her. She said they should come back to work and resolve her issue. She felt it was wrong to send things out that say we are not going to pay a claim on the weekend. Even though we send all correspondence on Fridays so that they will get it on Monday or Tuesday. She said I was wrong, we didn't send the information to her until Wednesday. LIAR She said that she was not hanging up the phone with me until the issue was resolved. She said she deals with the public and does whatever it takes to please EVERY customer. Even though the issue was not even with our company. Keep in mind, I have this woman’s name, social, address, place of employment, etc. Then she tells me that I will be sorry if I don't fix the enrollment problem!! I said ma'am are you threatening me and she said call the cops. What is freaking wrong with people? I think I may have to pay a visit to the eyeland this nut job works in and show her that you can't please everybody.


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