Thursday, December 23, 2004

Being Petty is DUMB!

We had our Christmas luncheon today at work. We pulled the phones down for an hour and everyone brought something. While in the cafeteria having lunch one of my reps (here after known as She-Devil) comes marching up to my supervisor and says she needs to schedule an urgent meeting. My supervisor said it would have to wait until after the lunch. She-Devil complains about everything. I must get 10 e-mails a day to tattle on this or that. So, my supervisor has the meeting with her and then calls me into her office. Apparently She-Devil’s urgent meeting was to say that she didn't think I liked her and would like to be moved to a new section!!!! I have been at this company for 5 years, been a supervisor for the last two years and have NEVER EVER had a complaint. I have actually had reps cry because they were removed from my section and others ask to be in my section, because I am the nice one who is always on top of EVERYTHING. My supervisor laughed and said we all know how she is, don't worry about it, but I am jacked. How dare she! What are we in kindergarten??? When this bitch first moved to the area and got the job at our company, she was all sad and sulking on break one day about how she was having a hard time meeting friends and she didn't have a life etc. Me, being nice invited her to MY house. I made Chris and my other friends be nice to her even though they all thought she was a wee bit nutty. Then she started calling me all the time, so I stopped asking her to go out. I invited all of my reps to my wedding and She-Devil declined because I invited my two guy reps and she said that she would not be seen in public with them. I said umm do you even know them? Why do you hate them so bad? For one of them she just said she had her reasons and the other one, she didn't like him because he drove too fast and passed her once!!! She doesn't like the girl who sits next to her because she has been with the company for like 15 years and get to do special projects and be off of the phone on a pretty regular basis and She-Devil doesn't think that is fair. When I try to explain that once she becomes experienced (which will never happen because instead of worrying about her own stuff, she always worries about what everyone else is doing, so she get oodles of errors), she will get to do the extra stuff, she just gets all huffy and doesn't want to hear it because our company is run ridiculously. She is such a petty reject.

Ahhh, I feel better now....