Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Fun Stuff

Christmas was fun. A little sad that I already had my presents though. I am such a spoiled brat. I got a funky new keyboard from the Discovery Channel. It glows. I like it, but the keys are very flat and hard to get used to. I also got toys from the playtime boutique. I am still SHOCKED that Chris went there. He said it was dirty. A guy came in and talked to the woman at the counter she asked how his mom was doing, he said OK, then headed for a private viewing booth. GROSS!

My brother got my 6 year old niece (who is obsessed with scary movies) a chucky doll. She freaked out and made him burn it on the spot. She cried for hours. Poor kid will be traumatized for life.

We took the kids to see Lemony Snickett. What a BAD movie. I read the books. I would like to say I read them with the kids, but no, I just read them. Jess got the first 3 for X-mas last year and I read a little of the first one and had to buy the series. The movie was just dull. The baby was the best part.

We are leaving for South Carolina on Sunday for a week to see the in-laws. We decided to drive instead of fly so we can take Simon. Should be an interesting trip. He is usually pretty good as long as we don't slow down, but the first sign of slowing and he is all over the place.


story of my life said...

hi there... merry xmas.. really? lemony snickett was not good? mmm... was wanting to watch it though and when i searched barnes and noble, it was one of their best sellers..

but did jim carrey give justice to his role?

ShellBug526 said...

The books were fantastic, I love them. The movie was just dull. Jim Carey did alright, but I expected a lot more.

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