Sunday, January 09, 2005

South Carolina

We had a lot of fun in South Carolina. We went Stone Mountain, which I never even heard of until we went. While there we saw the mountain, watched a movie about how it was carved, rode the sky lift, etc. More importantly, I ate a fried pickle. As gross as it sounds, I was rather impressed it was quite good. I still don't get grits though. They suck. We also went to an Indian reservation and I gambled. I love the slot machines. I am ready to go back to Vegas. Perhaps a weekend trip to Atlantic City will hold me over. There were only like 10 card tables at the casino, and they were digital. The dealer pushes a button and the card comes up on your tiny little screen. It was pretty lame.

We celebrated my 27th birthday at a restaurant called Logan's. There were 12 of us there. They made me stand up and instead of the normal 3-second song, they shouted at the entire restaurant and made them give me a "Yee Haw". Needless to say, we will not be celebrating my birthday there again.

Simon was pretty good the whole trip. He made several new friends, including Lady a Great Dane. He came to her knees. They were very cute together, but they sure would have had some strange puppies. Thank goodness for neutering.

13 hours is a long car trip, but I think I liked it more than flying. We saw lots of interesting things on the way. We will be going back in May, I think we are going to go to Pigeon Forge and go to Dollywood though.


Almostgrace said...

Maybe we will meet you guys up there in May. I would love to go to Dollywood. I know Adam is just aching to get there too. What can I say, he has a boob fetish...

Happy belated birthday!

ShellBug526 said...

That would be a blast! You guys should come. We are not sure of the date yet, I will keep you posted.