Monday, January 10, 2005


The new season of Carnivale started tonight. I must say, I am addicted to that show. I hate it, but HAVE to watch it. It leaves me completely bewildered. Half the time when it's over, I watch it again on HBOWest. Chris and I have hour long discussions after it is over, and we both disagree on almost everything. I think that is why we continue watching it. We both want to be right about the plot, so we keep watching it so we can say HA I told you so... If you don't watch it, don't start. It will suck you in!

Also, my wonderful husband turns 28 today. Once again he is older than me... :)

Happy Birthday Chris!


Charlotte said...

I am so addicted to Carnivale, but like you said... i never really understand it. I'm always wondering what the hell is going on. My husband's name is Chris too, and he's 28...oooohh spoooky.