Tuesday, February 15, 2005

V-Day at Subway

Chris had class last night until 10, so I went to Subway after work to get us dinner for when he got home. I didn't really think about the fact that it was Valentines Day until I got out of my car to walk in. I thought man I am such a loser, first V-day as a married woman and I am going to Subway for our romantic subs. Much to my surprise it was full of people. There was a little old man alone who I felt sad for and couldn't help but wander why he was alone. There was a couple about my age eating there. There was an older 65ish couple very in love holding each others hands sipping on their after dinner soda. When I got out to my car, they came out the door still very much in love holding hands and I watched them get into their very old banged up Taurus, he of course opened and closed the door for her. As I drove away, I thought of the Retiree PDA I saw last week that made me laugh and even grossed me out a little and somehow thought the Retiree PDA I saw tonight was very sweet and wonderful.