Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why do people have dogs?

Simon was pathetic today, (because of the rain and he had to go to the bathroom so bad, but wouldn't dare go out and get his little feet wet) so I broke our rules and gave him a grape. He loved it, he played with it for like ten minutes. He liked it so much that I decided to give him another one. He did the same thing and came back for another. I wouldn't give it to him. He whimpered and whined a little, but then sat down. A few minutes later, I was reading my e-mail and he tried to jump on to the computer desk to get my grapes. The grapes were in a huge tupperware, and it was pretty full. He missed the desk, and while struggling to hold himself up, he hit the grapes and knocked the huge tupperware with probably 3 lbs of grapes on to the hardwood floor. Grapes landing on a hardwood floor don't just fall and stop, oh no, they roll every where!! I yelled his name and he immediately took off out the door and down the steps. He knew he was in so much trouble that he didn't even stop to pick up one of the MANY grapes on the floor that he worked so hard to get. So, I start picking them up, I first rolled over at least 10 of them. The grapes are EVERY WHERE. I spent over 15 minutes picking them up, and I know there are more.


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