Saturday, March 26, 2005

Drunken post

I decided to ease the pain of my horrible week by going out tonight. Didn't really ease the pain, but I did get hammered. I discussed the asshole Joe and my wonderful daddy with everyone. They were all worried about my dad and think Joe should die. An eye for an eye was heard several times at local Williamsport bars.

The one good thing..... OK, well maybe not "good" thing, but I met a local man who was Doug Llewelyn's second cousin tonight. He does not really know him well, he met him at a few family reunions, but, he is still the one and only Doug Llewelyns cousin. Ya know people Doug Llewelyn, from the People's Court. He said he moved out there to become an actor or a director, and could only land a job with Judge Wapner on "The People's Court". Sooo, here is the shout out I promised to Bob Llewelyn... (BTW, I still think you could pick up chicks using the line, "well ya know, I am Doug Llewelyn's cousin")....