Tuesday, May 24, 2005

ADA Approved

Did they stop putting the ADA approval on toothpastes? I remember in grade school when the Hygienist came to talk to us about brushing our teeth and such that we should always buy toothpaste that is ADA approved. For the next ten years, I insisted that my mom always buy toothpaste that had the approval. I was looking at the two different kinds of Colgate Whitening toothpaste we have and neither of them have the stamp of approval.... This makes me nervous. Are my teeth going to start falling out? Have I become so obsessed with whitening that I no longer care if my teeth fall out as long as they are white? I really don't want to change toothpastes, the whitening is working, my teeth are almost glowing. Could this degree of whiteness not be healthy? I have always thought of myself as very tooth conscious, I notice teeth before I notice if the person I am talking to has arms. I am sooo confused, if my teeth are not white, will people think I don't brush? Should I wear a sign that says, "I brush at least three times a day, but there are no ADA approved whitening toothpastes. So someday in the near future, my teeth will not be glowing white, but at least I will still have teeth and you will only have pictures of your once white teeth." I am traumatized by this realization, what made me read the toothpaste. Why couldn't I just put it on the toothbrush and not pay attention like normal? I will go to the store tomorrow and see if there are whitening toothpastes with the approval and hopefully be able to breathe easy again.


Charlotte said...

Hey! I know I have not posted Anything at all on Thoughts, etc.. I really need to start that again.. I've been concentrating on my other blog at sketchcompendium.blogspot.com. Actually I have been focusing on my illustration and am in the process of opening up a store soon. Been so busy! I didn't think anyone would notice that I was gone! :) Thanks! Stop by my other site sometime! Maybe once things calm down I'll be able to sit down and think! lol

Heidi said...

What toothpaste are you using that whitens so well? I think I would like to try it! I wouldn't worry about the ADA approved thing... Maybe you could talk to your dentist about it. I have to admit that I had a good laugh while reading this post. You are too funny! ("I notice teeth before I notice if the person I am talking to has arms." LMAO)

J. said...

Rembrandnt is supposed to be the most effective whitening toothpaste, but it is also pricey... at least for me!

I found your blog through one of your blog sites, wanted to let you know I liked reading your site!

Mine is http://someday23.blogspot.com/

stop by anytime

Fire Angel said...

Aaargh! I can't believe you brought this up!
Now I had to check my toothpaste as well, it's Rembrandt by the way, and-
But it's on my "Listerine" :)...you think that evens it out a bit?

Almostgrace said...

It's all a bunch of crap. Brushing with water is just as beneficial. I saw some animals on discovery urinating in each others mouths to keep their teeth clean. I don't think they give a piss what the FDA thinks and neither should we.

Anonymous said...

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