Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Return to Planet Normal

Dollywood/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg was a lot of fun. Chris's parents are both in their 60's, but have way more energy than we do. When we go on vacation, we sleep in until at least 10 and then get up and leisurely get around and go for lunch around noon. Chris's parents are ready to leave at 8AM for breakfast. We would leave the condo at 9AM and return at 10PM. I seriously need a vacation from my vacation. I am exhausted.

I don't think I have ever even mentioned politics on my blog, for a number of reasons though not because I don't have VERY strong opinions. However, after returning from the Bible Belt, I have to do it. Southerners are a little different than us Yankees and well most of the world I hope. I kind of felt like an alien visiting from another planet while there. We went to at least 8 shows and every single one of them took time out of the show to "talk" and praise GW. They talked about how sometimes our armed services are called upon to fight for "our" freedom. When they would start these "talks", of course the national anthem would be playing softly in the background and immediately, people start shaking their head yes and would seriously jump out of their seats yelling "amen" and "hallelujah ". Then of course, they would sing "America" and "Will the Circle be Unbroken". The only news station they get in the area is of course Fox News and they believe EVERY word that is said. It was seriously alarming. There were many times when it was all I could do to stay in my seat and not stand up and say "What the Fuck is wrong with you people?" Chris is convinced that not all of them think that way, but are afraid of being tarred and feathered, so they just agree with every thing that is said. It was weird. At Dollywood, there is a gospel show and I swear, it was like a cult. I tried to clap my hands and look inspired just so they would kill me or something.

I always said I wanted to move South, but I have changed my mind. Perhaps West, WAY WAY West.

On a side note, I did learn that my husband had a Care Bear growing up. His mom told me when I was looking at Care Bear magnets in a retro store. He of course denied it but then remembered that he did have one, "but it was a gift and he couldn't just get rid of it".


Jack Burden said...

I grew up in the South, but I moved to the Northeast long before GW seized power.

I've always talked about moving back down South because I'm not a fan of the Northeast, but when I read stories like these, I'm reminded of just how much things have changed (for the worse), and I doubt I'll ever go back again. At least not until people regain their sanity.

Heidi said...

LOL at needing a vacation after your vacation! I find that is true for my vacations as well. I never would have thought Dollywood would have gospel shows with those GW interludes... Thanks for the warning. ;) Oh, and that's sooo cute (dripping with sarcasm here) about your husband's Care Bear! LOL I would love to know if my man had one of those... Hmmm. Maybe I'll give my mother-in-law a call... Heh.

Almostgrace said...

The GW lovin is only a bi-product of racism. If a poor white person loves the Dubb they HATE black people.

On the bright side, we have delicious sweet tea!

ShellBug526 said...

I must admit the sweet tea ROCKS!!! We try to make it here, but it is just not the same. It explains why so many people have so many missing teeth! ;)

Anarchy said...

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