Friday, June 03, 2005


I was outside on break this afternoon, standing, because the picnic tables were wet from the rain, talking to my friend. When all of a sudden a crazed bat flew past our heads. It flew about 20 feet away from us and started swirling around the ground. Of course I freaked out like a three year old and ran in the building. I hate flying creatures. They totally creep me out. Correct me if I am wrong, but bats should not be out in the daytime right?? Doesn't this mean that it probably has rabies. Man, I cannot win, for the last two nights, I have had wicked spider dreams and now it is a crazed rabid bat. I am getting chills just typing this and thinking about the freaky little creature. Granted, this is not the bat I saw, but same thing!


Shannon said...

I have a serious issue with those "B" thingies.....I can't even bring meself to type out the word, matter of fact when I saw there was a pic I kept scrolling only looking at the edge of the screen until I knew it wasn't there any longer! Yes I have issues, yes I cry like a little girl when they're about. I don't care, those are the only thing in the whole world that will drop me to my knees.

What's your irrational fear?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

ShellBug526 said...

I have so many irrational fears I would say bats is probably number one. In the summer I am afraid to take our dog out back to walk because there is always a ferocious on in our back yard. He lives i the doorway to go into our basement, so needless to say the basement is off limits too. :)

Scott said...

too be out during the day, someone must have disturbed their sleep and home. I am thankful to the little critters, we have a few in our attic, at night, especially in the summer whilst we are sitting outside enkoying the cools ummer nights, we can see them flying around eating all the pesky flies.
They will fly near to you of course, whatever attracts the moths, flies etc, be it a light or sweet smells, brings in the predators too.
Last year we had a bat fly into our living room at about 11pm, we thought it was huge. I managed to catch it with my fishing net and released it outside again, but was shocked to see just how small it really was when it's wings were beside the body.
Let's either keep the bats or be over fun with the little dritters who get in your coffee, tea and cold drinks, hair and mouth!!