Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Creature of the night

I was just taking my dog outside, I hate doing this at night, because we have a crazed bat that lives between our house and the neighbors, he is always out in our backyard swooping down at me. Well, tonight I did not see that bat, I saw something even worse. I saw a GIANT opossum standing in the backyard just watching us. The mean little kids who sang me the song told me they saw one on my balcony. I ignored them thinking we live in a very rural area with no wooded areas or anything near us. Now however, I am inclined to believe them. Can opossums climb? Can there really be one living on my balcony??? GROSS! Great, now I can never go out on my balcony or in my backyard at night. They are creepy litle things. I tried to run in and get my camera, but then I was afraid to go back out, and take the actual picture, so this is the picture you get.

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Ashlee said...

You've got a very interesting blog right there.Post more!

Raven the Pagan said...

A bullet solves many problems. Altough I must say these little creatures have more fear of us, than we we have of them. I would be more afraid of guys in trench coats. :)

Anonymous said...

climbing is a possums forte, as per the prehensile tail... these guys climb like mofos.