Friday, August 12, 2005

First, I must not have pissed Gumby off to bad, today he brought me an orange. He handed it to me I thanked him, he smiled put his head down and walked away.....

Now the stalker story. One of my friends went on vacation with the guy she was dating and some friends. While there the guy she was with got so drunk he passed out. She still went out with everyone else. She met a guy. She said he was pretty nice and not bad looking, and since she was ticked at the guy she had went with and was on the verge of leaving him, she gave the new guy her number. He called her the very next day. Then, came to see her. That is when things got hairy. He continued to call her several times a day and text message her. She in the mean time decided to work it out with the drunk guy. She told the new guy this and yet he continues to call her all the time and tell her he can't wait to see her. She again explained that she just couldn't keep seeing him period. He showed up for her lunch the next day. He lives two hours away, but he drove up to meet her for a 1 hour lunch. The next day she got a letter in the mail that just said "FANTASTIC". Nothing else. Then yesterday, she got a letter that was scented with cologne. He had written her a poem. The guy spent $12 to overnight fed ex it. Graciously, she has made me a copy so that I may share it with you. Unfortunately, you will not be able to smell it. :( Here it is:

A Fantastic Journey
Life can be very hectic,
That is why it is easy to be a skeptic.
The one break I always take,
I now know was no mistake.
As I started on vacation,
I didn't realize there would be a great person for me to get to know.
The weekend progressed,
And I was very impressed.
She had a beautiful smile,
One that stood out from the pile.
I played great attention to her during the bean bag games,
Hoping it wouldn't end the same.
I wanted her number so bad,
But I thought I would just end up being had.
As Sunday came and went,
My mind was truly spent.
Out of the blue,
She gave me a great clue.
I now have her number,
With intentions of calling before the end of summer.
My big challenge now,
Is to show her how.
If I get one chance,
I would show my true stance.
I would never be mean,
Only treat her like a queen.
To move ahead,
Hopefully she looks to me instead.
As time goes on,
Will I be able to say I won.

The guy also told her how he fell asleep holding a folder he had made about her.... I think he may have a few issues. What do ya think?


Heidi said...

um... YEAH! total stalker material! yikes. hope she can ditch him before he ends up boiling her bunny or something.