Friday, August 12, 2005

I think I ticked my buddy Gumby off today. Any time I see him outside while he is taking a break, I smile politely and say hello. Today, TWICE he totally snubbed me. Like he didn't even hear me. I am hurt, I mean I guess I do mock him a little on here, but never at work and I do genuinely like the guy. If I didn't know who Tink was, I would think he found out about me, and would be worried, but I do know who Tink is, so what is up with Gumby today? I need the gum. It is the highlight of my day. I was told he had a bad day and actually skipped a whole row of people today who he normally offers gum too, so I am hoping that is it and it is not just me, but I need my gum, I am going to hate having to confront him but it will totally be worth it. He did give me my gum today, but if he doesn't tomorrow, I will cry. Follow up tomorrow.... As well as a great stalker story coming your way!!!

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Raven the Pagan said...

I just love Stalker stories. Can't wait to hear this one. :)