Friday, August 05, 2005

I have so much work stuff to rant about, so I am going to do the whole week in one post.

Soooo here it goes. I had this crazy woman call in and she wouldn't give me her name or ID number. She said she wanted to know the name of the director of our company. I explained that we don't have a director, we have a manager, VP, and the prez. She told me I was wrong and she wanted the name of the director. I explained again that we don't have anyone who's title is "Director". She felt I should know my company better, but agreed to speak to the VP. I told her I could not just transfer her to the VP, but that I could take a message for her to call back. She told me that was unacceptable and that if I was not high enough on the corporate ladder to get her on the phone then I needed to get her secretary on the line so that she could transfer her. I told her again that I was not able to do that and I could only take a message. I tried to explain that we are a huge corporation and the VP is very busy, but she wouldn't have it. After arguing for ten minutes, she agreed to talk to the manager who I also advised would probably not be able to take the call immediately and I would have to take a callback. She flipped. Said she was not hanging up until I got her on the phone. So, I told her to hold and went and told my manager what was happening. She laughed (her fake laugh, but that is a different story completely) and said that she would take the call since there didn't seem to be any other choice. A 1/2 hour later, she comes to my desk and tells me the woman was made because we denied her claims for services that she had done when she didn't even have our insurance. However, she wanted me to call the office and verify that the work was actually done. When I did this, the office person laughed and said, “Oh, you got stuck talking to her… Yeah, she has issues.” As it turns out, the work still has not been completed, so I had to withdraw the services and call psycho lady back. I called her back and apologized on behalf of the office and for the next 40 minutes, I had to listen to her talk about how TMJ is going to cause her to not be able to breath and she will be “thrashing” around for air, how she is underweight and has to drink Ensure, because of the ensure she gets backed up, and has to drink water to break it up, and how she sits on the toilet several times a week crying the blues because it won’t come out. HELLO, I WORK FOR A DENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY! I cannot help with your constipation, nor do I need to hear about it. It was awful. To top it all off, I have to call her back next week. She did tell me that she may not be home due to deaths?!?!?! What the fuck does that mean due to deaths? Whose death? Her own from the thrashing around and constipation??

Ugh, OK that is out there next….

We had to watch a presentation today from the president of the company. It was a video and it was called the “State of the Union” and they actually played the presidential march…. Umm a little full of ourselves I think. I won’t even go into the details or the fact that he kept using the same metaphors and same couple big words to impress us…


2 more of the 10 people I don’t hate left this week. That’s 6 in the last six months. 2 in New Mexico and 4 just quit. I would like to feel happy for them, but instead, I just resent them a little for being able to get out of that place. That’s not true, no resentment really, but I am jealous as hell!

Ahhh, all better now. One of these days in the near future, I am going to discuss Half Blood Prince, but I am still too emotional about it. I will say that I found a screw up while reading the old ones. Wizards are supposed to be able to see the Thestrals if they see someone die, but at the end of Goblet Harry still could not see them. However, when he goes back to Hogwarts at the beginning of Order, he can see them immediately.


Amy said...

I hope I'm one of the 10 people you "don't hate." Because that? Would be awesome. That sucks you had such a horrible week at "hell." And your psycho sub sounds, well....psycho. You deserve a very long, fun-filled, and relaxed weekend! Be sure to check out my new blog as it develops (still trying to figure out the pictures thing).
Stay cool!

Amy said...

I'm still having trouble figuring out the pictures thing. And how are you able to do the link list? You can email me at Thanks!

porkboy, the breakfast monkey said...

you just don't understand the pain of constipation :(

Almostgrace said...

I know this information isn't spread by the dental community (for obvious financial reasons) but, TMJ can be cured by massaging the jaw. Tell her to consult a licensed massage therapist when you talk to her next. I mean, who couldn't use a massage?

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