Monday, September 26, 2005

Republican maybe?

I have been meaning to post this for weeks, but kept forgetting! This made me crack up when I saw it on the way home from Antietam...


web_loafer said...

I would imagine so....
and since you live where many battles of the civil war were fought, you should be glad that a few Republicans were around your neighborhood, carrying guns, sleeping on dirt, eating little, but determined that slavery would end.....and those republicans were fighting in....General Forrest...the founder of the KKK...and other Democrats.....Lester Maddox.....nice record you racists have....When the poor of this nation are finally given vouchers to attend a school that wants to teach rather than are in heap big trouble...who would in their right mind...reelect a former KKK Grand Senator? in Byrd from West Virginia....I really think West Virginia is the most forgetful state in this was not the KKK that brought anything to your took, took and is still taking...vis a vis.....taxpayers sinking millions, billions of dollars into W.V.
One sorry *** bigot....named Richard Byrd stole the money to build monuments to himself in your state.
Let me ask a simple question......have you all in West Virginia had enough things named after the bigot of all bigots??????
If there is any Karma in the Cosmos.....West Virginia would rename every pork barrel project named after the biggest racist in America....Robert R. Byrd....yes West Virginia would rename all of those buildings, schools and housing projects.....Ronald Reagan, as in the Ronald Reagan Airport South....and forever put to rest the bigoted memory of a KKK grand kukoo named Robert Byrd.
I am assuming there are a few thinking people still living in WV.
Do any of you know the history of your state? How did it come about that Virginia let a chunk of its territory be taken and called WEST????
Would Pretty Bigot Byrd have helped back then....NO, he would have shot and killed your great great great great grandfather because he believed that all men are created equal...
Byrd they say here in kansas....once a racist (rebel) always a racist (rebel)

Loping Q. Rhondo said...

you must be very proud of yourself, commenting to a person whose politics you know nothing about, regarding a picture you know nothing about, knowing nothing about who they are or where they are even from.

The republican party has been the party of racism since they adopted as a platform.

I would offer that you should consider dropping the elipses- though being a trucker its probably hard for you to do until the speed wears off.

Oops, I guess I just generalized about someone I know nothing about! Imagine that. Pretty easy to do when you're trolling for fights.

Almostgrace said...

Shell, when did you move to West Virginia? I wasn't even invited to the house warming!

Anyway, Republicans here in the red states (you know the states that elected our "leader?") run their entire campaigns based on the statement, "You don't want to vote with the blacks, do ya son?"

This web loafer hippie looks like he was smoking some coke weed with Bush!

Geeze! Hippies are volatile.