Saturday, October 01, 2005

Customer service week?

I work at a large corporation with 1,000's of employees, yet sometimes it is like we are all in pre school. They have deemed next week customer service week. Is this something national? I guess I could google it, but it doesn't really matter anyway. The point of this post is to tell you how we "celebrate". Last year the theme was "mad about service", they had jungle animals all over and gave out stuffed monkeys. This year it is pirates. At our office they gave all 120 employees pirate names. Mine is Jane Heart?!?!? Another one that I remember is Jolly something Blackbeard. There are also a couple of "Buckaneers". Yes, that is right they spelled it that way. When I laughed about this and pointed it out to quite a few people, only about 3 or 4 people understood the humor, most of them did not know that was incorrect. I also was given a paper "patch" that they really expect us to wear. Tuesday, we are supposed to dress in pirate garb and they will be giving out gift certificates to the best dressed pirates. We are all supposed to have fun and this will somehow make the other 51 weeks a year less stressful because they "allow" us to dress like pirates..... Yeah, that will do it.
Do other companies do crap like this????


Amy said...

Oh no! I'm missing National Customer Service Week with a pirate theme?! Damn, I quit two months too early. Now I can only lie awake at night wondering what MY pirate name would have been.

BTW, NCSW is a real thing. ( However, people in customer service deserve more than a freakin' week to "celebrate." They need lots and lots of medication. Hang in there, Michelle!

jane said...

sounds like when i worked at SBC. what a bunch of loons!

:P fuzzbox said...

Damn I wished the company I worked for did this. I could go around screaming Arrgh and would give me an excuse to tell one of the alltime stupidest joke. "When the man at the door asked the trick-or-treater dressed as a pirate. Where are your buccaneers? He said, On my buckin head you buckin idiot."

Crazy Dan said...

I would so do that.. running around starting mutinys yelling walk the pklany the ye, ye scruve dog... byt the way is that way on the shroom waying his fist in the air flipping me the bird?? Just wondering.

Morris said...

I think its because upper management finds women dressed as pirates to be hot!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

Angalee said...

I'll bet you either work for AT&T or a company that once was a part of MaBell.

Pirate day sounds hilarious.

Once years ago while working CS for AT&T they sent us to the water park for day. Can you image seeing your District level in her Bikini?
It took lots and lots of beer to forget that one!