Sunday, October 02, 2005


I love my husband, he is wonderful. However, at 6 am this morning, he was almost tossed from our bed. At 6AM he woke me up to tell me I was snoring. I never snore, he has confirmed this, but I have had a horrible cold for two weeks and well, I guess I was snoring. My husband who sounds like a chainsaw, who I can hear snoring two rooms away woke me up at 6AM on a SUNDAY!

Later in the day while I was complaining about not getting enough sleep due to being woke up at 6AM, he said that since I never snore, he was afraid something was worng and maybe I had quit breathing while snoring?!?!?! I have not yet decided how I will take my revenge, but yes revenge will come.

Now, back to the wonderfulness of my husband. Our one year anniversary is just two weeks away. My husband is planning a trip away for us. He will not tell me anything. All that I know is that he got advice from my mom and best friend and that my mom has agreed to watch the demon while we are gone. I am very excited and a little nervous. I always plan our weekend trips. The one time I did not have a say in it we went to Anitetam. Very un fun.


Brad said...

I have woken up christine from time to time for snoring simply because she was struggling to breath so much that it sounded like she was hurting herself. i felt like she would get more rest if I simply roused her slightly, then allowed her to fall asleep again without the snoring. a sleep-breathing reboot it is.

Almostgrace said...

I can confirm that Chris snores like a monster. At Cherry Lane Adam and I were in the next room and he would wake us up!

Revenge? Hmm. What about pouring warm water next to his crotch and let him believe that he peed himself in the middle of the night.

emily said...

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Anonymous said...

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