Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Name is Earl

Has anybody else been watching this show on NBC? I think it is fantastic. The first week, I was close to tears from laughing. The plot is a derelictl wins $100,000 in the lottery and decides to right all the wrongs from his past with his newfound realization. He makes a list of all the things he has to do to get good kharma and the whole show is him making right by the people/things he has done wrong. If you have not watched it, I would suggest it, it is really funny.


Scooter said...

I loved the show too, the first episode was almost flawless although I must admit that the lack of Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock in the sencond one disappointed me a little, I was hoping that would be a running gag. Hopefully tonight continues to be funny.

Scooter McGavin's 9th Green

the belligerent intellectual said...

Yeah, the show really surprised me. Much better than the other sitcoms the factory has been churning out the past few years.

TheMadAdmin said...

I love that show. Saw the first one and I can't wait to get some free time to catch more.

Office is real busy, gearing up for a move.

Mojotek said...

yes, absolutely hysterical

FoFuSa said...

"Whassup Earl?"
"Hey Crabman."

Love it! ;)