Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stupid people suck

We were having a shower for one of the girls at work today who is getting married this weekend. My job was to get the cake. I went to the grocery store and gave them the cake I wanted and asked them to write "Congratulations Candy". The girl who was doing the writing looked at the girl next to her and said can you please write that down for me, I don't know how to spell it. The other girl got a piece of paper and a pen and sat there for a minute and then looked at me and said I don't know how to spell it either. First, both of these girls were at least 18 or 19. Second, they work in a bakery decorating cakes!! I would think congratulations would be a pretty common request. Anyhow, I said I can spell it give me the paper and pen. So I wrote it down, and even wrote Candy so that there was no confusion. The girl writes it on the cake, puts on the lid and hands it to me. The icing on th cake I picked out was orange, yellow, and green (fall colors). The writing the girl just did is in bright blue icing. Annoying, but whatever. The writing on the cake says "Congradulation Candy". I explained to her that there seemed to be a couple of mistakes. Instead of giving me a new cake and apologizing, she crossed the d and added an S. Not a cursive S like the rest of the word, just a printed S this ______far away from the rest of the word. I should have thrown a fit and refused the cake or requested a discount, but because it was 9PM and the only other cake there was a chocolate cake that was half the size of the one I got, and everyone here was expecting the cake, I took the cake.

I called my 12 and 16 year old nieces today, they both knew how to spell congratulations, why didn't the dumb girls at the Weis store??? GRRR PEOPLE!


FoFuSa said...

You were much calmer than I would have been! I would have thrown the cake back at her. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Michelle. If I were you I would have not only threw a bitchfit, I would have advised them where to find the spelling and grammar books in Aisle 4. You definitley would assume they would know how to spell the word "Congratulations" by now. That has to be the most common cake word other than "Happy" and "Birthday." - Amy

fruey (Let's Have It) said...

Hey having a shower is different from taking a shower? At least with all that messy cake around you can clean up easy afterwards huh?

Just jokin'. Cannot believe cakeshop workers can't spell Congratulations. Lol

Greg said...

The reason they work there is why they could not spell correctly. F#§ktards is what you experienced. Be happy your nieces could spell. They will probably go on to bigger and better things.