Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Corporate BS

Our bonus's each year are based on profit, revenue, claims processed, abandoned calls, and busy rate. This is pretty normal, every quarter the prez or vice prez come up and tell us where we are at. This year it looks good, we should get about 8%. WooHoo! However, he told us that next year they would change it. Part of it would be based on employee satisfaction?!?!? That is ludicrous. They will tell us they want us to be honest when we fill out our employee survey, but be careful as your bonus depends on your satisfaction. The anonymous survey they give us once a year is the one time that we are able to say what we really think and now they are taking that from us. What a joke.

I took my nieces trick or treating last night for about the 10th year in a row. It came to my attention that one of them is now to old for it, cause she was miserable all night and second they are stingy kids!! Usually they let me root through there bags and take a couple things form each of them, but last night they said no I couldn't have any. Holy crap was I mad. I really need to have my own kids so when they act like that I can beat them and take all the candy!!! OK, not really but I will not be taking the nieces trick or treating again... (Until they ask me next year and I will have forgotten how mad I was this year and take them anyhow).


michael said...

Hey kid, if there's nothing in it for you, it's time to set "conditions". My kids at least give me the candy they don't want! Luckily they hate peanut butter so I get all the reeses.