Friday, November 25, 2005

Tell me again why people have dogs...

Chris and I had some errands to run tonight. Usually when we leave, we lock the pooch in one room, where there is nothing for him to chew. Tonight however, Chris forgot to close the upstairs door. Our little angel took it upon himself to make sure that we were not throwing anything edible away. He had the garbage knocked over and everything in it ripped to shreds. Right before we left, Chris had a meatball sub and the wrapper was on the computer desk. The little angel even managed to get up on to the desk to get that also. He ripped it to shreds. The floor was completely covered with shredded bits of paper. He knew he was in trouble, he ran downstairs and got in his kennel.

I couldn't help but think of Templeton at the fair. I am still singing the song. I can just see the dog throwing crap in the air and doing a little happy dance.


Psychobabble said...

Is it odd that I imediatley knew what you were referencing when you mentioned Templeton??
Should I be worried?