Thursday, November 24, 2005


Last night my friend and I went to the Olive Garden after work. I will start by saying how much I love the Peach Sangria. It is so good!! Plus, it gives me a wicked buzz for just $12. Next, I will tell you about the idiots next to me. These three women came in and they told the waitress they wanted one meal and all you can eat salad for the three of them. She told them that was fine, but she would have to charge two of them for the salad and that the person who got the dinner would not have to pay for the salad. They threw a fit. They said absolutely not, that they would pay for one dinner and they would get all you can eat salad for the three of them for the price of the dinner. The waitress argued with them for a minute, then went to get the manager. The manager, rather than argue just told her to give it to them! I need to be loud and obnoxious to start saving money. I was a little pissed.


Crazy Like A Fox said...

People like that burn me up. They always want something for nothing and then wonder why everything is so expensive.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the manager that OK'd this nonsense..Boink Boink on the noggin!

Imahologram said...

The manager was just as idiotic as the women. They should all be smacked!