Monday, January 23, 2006

Entering Breakdown Mode

I consider myself to be a strong person, I usually don't let things bother me, even things that I should. However, today was not one of those days. I went to work and in the hour and ten minutes I was there, I considered killing a man I had never met, and wanted to claw the eyes out of another.
The first man (claw eyes out man) is one of our employees. He is a sales representative. Hence, he should understand insurance and how it works. Dental insurance like any other insurance does have exclusions. Example you can buy a high end plan that covers just about every dental service imaginable, or you can buy a low end plan that only covers preventive services. Of course there is also a middle of the road plan. Most employers opt for the middle of the road plan. It covers a little bit of just about everything. This sales rep sent me an email on Friday and wanted to know why a service was not covered for one of his plans. I explained that it was one of the exclusions on his plan. This morning, the first email I opened was from him and he CC'd my manager and the VP stating that my explanation was not good enough and he needed more in formation. Umm what other information do you want jackass??? It is not covered you sold the effing plan!!! SO, the point is he was trying to make me look like an ass and like I didn't give him enough information when clearly that is NOT the case. He works for the same company and because of his lack of knowledge, I am sure he get lots of stuff cc'd to the VP, so why try to make someone else look stupid?!?! DICK.

On to number two (the man who should be killed). I got the transfer from one of my not so bright reps, so I figured it would be routine. The first thing the jackass said is I want to talk to the president of the company. Sure buddy, I will put you right through to him, cause he has nothing else to do with his day. I explained that I would need a little more information like maybe WHY he wanted to talk to him, WHO he wants to talk to him about. He finally after much prodding told me who it was about. I started to explain the denial and told him he could speak to one of the people in the area that denied the claim and he went ape shit. I didn't know what I was talking about and he would wait while I got the president. The guy was horrible and berating. I, which I never do, started to cry. I put him on hold and the tears were like an avalanche. The trainer who sits behind me heard the conversation and had to come finish the call because I couldn't stop. Then, I left.

I realize this is a really long post and it just me venting, BUT, I felt the need. I will blame today on lack of sleep and hormones from the Clomid the doctor put me on for making babies and the fact that people are just freaking mean...


Amy said...

Awww, Michelle! I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. I may be only one of your blog readers to know the utter frustration you felt. People are freaking assholes! Years of putting up with so many crap and not letting it out can really build up. I hope the rest of your week goes a lot smoother!

Camille said...

I don't know how you handle your job sometimes. That is ridiculous! Anyway I am sure the Clomid will be the key to your success. Hang in there! Marie

Mark said...

I'm sorry, but they are all out there, the self-centre ignorant wazzocks. I hope you managed to find your equilibrium again. We're not all like that.

But there again, you've just been tagged, - sorry

Satin Jenni said...

Don't sweat it, chin up, return to work on Monday and on with the show.
Front line exposure to demanding individuals is not a job everyone can do...apparently you've been doing fine job. Don't let one negative experience set you back.

Heidi said...

hey, shellbug. just wanted to say I am sorry to hear you had to deal with these people. everyone has days like that, and it really sucks. especially if you are feeling emotional and hormonally challenged at the time.

I am thinking of you, hon!