Thursday, January 19, 2006

People are dumb

I have decided to change the theme of my blog to this. It is amazing to me how incredibly dumb so many people are. I know that I have mentioned this in the past on many occasions,but I am constantly being reminded of it.

More work stories, today we received an email from a man. The only thing the email said was "I set the FBI after you". After much research, I found that he was replying to an email that we sent him 2 years ago to the day. Our e-mail was in response to an email from him. Our email said we could not give the amounts we would pay for a procedure without knowing what the procedure was. So, now two years after the fact, the FBI was set on us?!?!? People are dumb.

Next work story, an old man called in today. He was having problems getting information on our website. The representative I was monitoring at the time said "Do you have your cookies enabled"? The mans response was in a very serious tone "Umm no, I cannot have cookies, I am a diabetic". I could add people are dumb here, but I felt a little bad for this elderly man, he was just confused and at least nice, so I will just say that some older people are not up to date on computers/internet.

Sometimes at least my job is amusing.